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Jay’s Dad, Albert T. Lajeunesse

JDL’s owner and founder, Jason (“Jay”) Lajeunesse, is a second-generation carpenter and general contractor.

With a dad who built houses, Jason was fascinated by them from a young age. He aspired to be an architect, and spent lots of time as a child drawing floor plans and house elevations. During summers growing up, Jay helped his dad as a laborer. He had lots of fun being outdoors in the easygoing environment that a construction workplace offered.

After two years of college, Jay began his professional career in the Information Technology industry. Working for three different software/technology start-ups, he had various roles as a technical support engineer, business analyst, database architect, and software programmer. Within six years, Jay found himself unemployed (as did many) as the dot-com and Y2K software conversion boom came to an end.

The resulting economic downturn made finding an IT job difficult for Jay. He began working towards completing his computer science degree in the evenings with the goal of re-entry into the IT industry. Meanwhile, he also began building houses full-time with his father.

Working side-by-side with his dad made a big impression on Jay.  He developed skills and experience as an all-around carpenter and crew leader. Jay was also exposed to the full life-cycle process of building custom and speculation homes, and gained valuable project management experience.

Although Jay had subsequent opportunities re-enter the IT industry, his appreciation for building homes and working for a small family business kept him in the construction industry. The building boom of the 2000s also provided many opportunities and rewards for talented carpenters and industry entrepreneurs that Jay was excited to be a part of.

After years of exposure to the construction industry and to business start-ups, Jay found himself inspired to start something great, to be his own boss, and to provide opportunity for others.

Today, Jay is proud to make a positive impact on the local economy by employing hardworking staff and hiring quality local vendors and contractors. He is grateful for the ability to deliver lasting construction projects that so positively impact the quality of life of individuals and families.

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